Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds

Give yourself a good night’s sleep with an adjustable bed from Forr Mobility.

Electric profiling beds

If you need to sleep in a certain position, or have trouble getting in and out of bed, an adjustable bed is the perfect solution. You can visit our showroom in Ashford to view our range and we will help you identify the features you need and the products best for you.

Mattresses for a softer sleep

The mattresses in our catalogue are suitable for normal and adjustable beds, and perfect for relieving pressure on your body. We supply a range of mattress toppers, starting from £41.85. For individuals with extra sensitivity to pressure, we also supply air inflated overlays for the best night’s sleep.

Supporting you

If an adjustable bed is neither practical nor cost-effective for you, we have other ways to help you achieve comfort in the night. You can use tilters to raise your feet for circulatory relief, and knee supports so your spine retains its natural shape. If you have difficulty sitting up in bed, we can also supply you with manual mattress elevators, bedsits and the simple and effective bed rope ladder.

Bed accessories

Difficulty lowering yourself onto your bed? Forr Mobility supply bed raisers from as little as £18.50 for a set of four. We provide v shaped pillows, mattress protectors and bed blanket supports for added comfort. For security and confidence, we also provide smart rails, folding bed cradles, night guards and more.
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Take care of yourself and sleep well

The right sleeping aids can make a huge difference to your life. Start your journey today.

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