Allwin Folding Chair

Allwin folding chair

Bertha’s Bath Chair Service


This Allwin folding chair is at the moment of unknown age, although we will try to do some research and see if we can find out what age it is and also a little about the history of this particular chair. As you can see from the photos this chair was part of Bertha’s Bath Chair Service. It was purchased from the South West, so we shall begin our investigations there. If anybody has information about Bertha’s Bath Chair Service please contact us with the details.

As acquired…

The canvas on this chair is a little tatty in places but has some very nice signwriting on it. The manufacturer’s name is still visible on the footplate and on the side of the armrests.

Interesting features…

The frame of the chair is very simple and allows the chair to be easily tipped back to get over any obstacles. The front castors are very small and would suggest that the chair was only meant for indoor use. There is a chain attached to the rear of the chair that looks as though it was to secure the chair to something, perhaps to stop it being stolen.

See how far we’ve come!

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