Frequently asked questions: Scooter and wheelchair adaptations

• Controls
• Seating
• Comfort & safety
• Attachments
• Leisure activities

What scooter/wheelchair adaptations can you do?

Forr Mobility have done many adaptations in the past, including:

• Fittings to all types of wheelchair and scooters, to carry a variety of different items, from golf bags to cameras
• Repositioning of control units
• Adaptations for pet carrying
• Modifications to wheelchair seating
• Ramps for access to property
• Additions to rise/recliner chairs
• Adaptations to household or daily living aids
• Footrest and armrest modifications

We are always willing to discuss your requirements with you, to see if it is at all feasible. If in doubt ask.

What if I need ___ changed later on?

With most adaptations and modifications we do, we will build in some adjustability to allow for fine tuning or exact positioning.

If however circumstances change, then we always willing to discuss any new requirements and will change things as required.

Can I fit a ___ on a scooter or powerchair?

We can fit almost anything to most scooters and powerchairs.

The only governing factor in most possible adaptations is that it does not affect the safety of the equipment or the person using it.

For further details please call us to discuss your needs.

Can I use a ___ left-handed?

All the powered equipment we have at our showroom in Ashford can be changed to left hand use with relative ease, within a few minutes.

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