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Can I try the equipment before purchase?

Any reputable dealer will not only allow you to try the equipment, but would prefer that you try several pieces of equipment to ensure that you purchase something suitable for your needs, both now and in the future.

It may be possible to bring a selection of equipment to you, or to see our full range of equipment you are welcome to visit our showroom.

We have areas with different terrain where you are free to try as much equipment as you wish with no obligation or pressure. In some circumstances it may be advisable to have a home assessment as well.

We will help you to ensure that any equipment that you choose is suitable for the area in which you will normally use it, that you can store and charge the equipment safely and that any access problems can be overcome.

When are you open?

Our normal opening hours are 9:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday. It may be possible to arrange an appointment outside of these hours, evenings and on a Saturday.

Forr Mobility will always try to be flexible to accommodate you. It is always worth ringing.

I have never driven before. What will be easiest to use?

Firstly do not worry about never having driven a car or anything else. We will spend as much time as is needed to train you to use the mobility equipment of your choice. 

We will only provide a piece of equipment to you if we are happy that it is safe for you. Broadly speaking, scooters are easier to use than powered wheelchairs. That however should not be the only reason for choosing a piece of equipment. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

For further details see: What do I need?

What do I need?

We feel that it is essential that you have an opportunity to consider all the factors that could influence your decision on what would be most suitable for your needs.

The following list applies mainly to powered mobility equipment, though many aspects can be applied to other thing as well.

These should include:
• Your safety and the safety of others
• Your size and weight
• Your condition and how it may change
• Where you are likely to use the equipment
• What you want to be able to do with the equipment
• Your likely need to transport the equipment
• What distance you would like to be able to cover
• Where you can store and charge it
• Access to any property you would like to get to
• What is available within your budget

Do you hire ___?

We have a number of wheelchairs and car portable mobility scooters that are available for hire on a short or long term basis. Please contact us for further information.

It may be possible to hire some equipment with a view to purchase in the long term. This will allow you to try out the equipment for a period of time, and a proportion of the hire fees will be offset against the purchase price of the equipment.

For further details please call 01233 721 589

Do you deliver?

Following the assessment of your needs, and your subsequent decision to purchase an item of equipment, we are happy to deliver any powered mobility product free of charge.

Delivery will always include:
• Any adjustments needed to fit or ensure comfort
• A full explanation of the controls
• How to charge the equipment
• A demonstration of how to dismantle/reassemble the equipment if applicable
• A chance to try the equipment, and receive any further training if required
• An explanation of how to freewheel the equipment, and deal with any emergencies
• A chance to ask any further questions you may have about the equipment

Some non-powered equipment and smaller items may incur a delivery charge depending on their size and the distance.

Where is your showroom?

Frithfield Farm, Coopers Lane, Aldington Frith, Ashford, Kent TN25 7HH

3 miles south of Ashford
About 5 minutes from Junction 10 of the M20

Do you buy back equipment when no longer needed?

Broadly speaking you will always get more for a piece of equipment by selling it privately than you will get from a dealer, as any reputable dealer will recondition and sell the equipment on with a warranty.

We will only take used equipment in  part exchange for a new mobility equipment

Where can I get funding for ___?

If you are looking for funding to purchase a piece of equipment, there are a number of different avenues to explore.

Social services: may supply some items of equipment, for use in the home, but do not usually cover powered vehicles.

The NHS: supply wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs (not scooters) providing that you meet their criteria. The first point of contact is usually to get a recommendation from your doctor.

Charities: there are charities for most medical conditions. Try the Yellow Pages or Yell.com.

There are a lot of local charities that may help people from within a certain area, e.g. a particular borough. There are also a number of charities who specialise in helping children, e.g. Whizz Kids or the Variety Club.

Most ex-servicemen/women may be helped by their services benevolent fund, or by their ex regiment. Likewise there are a number of trade organisations who may help.

What if I have a breakdown?

We do not offer a recovery/breakdown service, though we can supply you with details of insurance to cover this if it is required.

We will repair any items that are not working as soon as we possibly can.

Wherever possible we will repair any equipment at your home.

If we have to recover the vehicle to our workshop for repair, then it will be returned to you as soon as we possibly can, and if there is something suitable available, we may lend you a similar item free of charge until yours is repaired.

Above all we will try and get you mobile again as soon as we can.

We select and supply only items of quality; however all items of electrical equipment can be prone to the occasional breakdown.

Should this occur, first of all make sure that you are not in a position of any danger to yourself or others. If you are, obtain help from any passers-by to move into a place of safety (most people are very obliging when asked). Secondly contact someone for help (it is worth carrying a mobile phone with you whenever you are out). If you have breakdown and recovery insurance, now is the time to use it.

If you can recover the equipment to your home, so much the better. If not, try and ensure that it is left somewhere that is secure.

Thirdly, contact us and we will arrange to repair it as soon as we can.

Our engineers have years of experience and knowledge in both this and other fields of engineering.

What facilities do you have?

We have full facilities here. The cloakroom is large enough to get a powerchair or even a scooter in and turn around to come out again, and plenty of room for a carer to help you if required. The loo itself can be accessed from both sides and has drop down rails either side. There are two different height washbasins, with taps that can be easily operated with one hand.

Free parking is right by the door, with easy access into the showroom for mobility vehicles.

Our showroom includes various items of equipment for assessment purposes that we can use to determine the correct size and type of equipment that is suitable for your needs.

Inside our showroom there is sufficient room to try equipment when the weather is bad.

Outside is a test area with different terrain, very little traffic or other disturbances, where you can take your time to try as many different vehicles as you wish with no obligation to purchase.

We have a fully equipped workshop to enable us to carry out any repairs, servicing, adjustments, adaptations or modifications that are required.

My ___ needs servicing. Do I have to bring it to your showroom?

Providing that you remain within our normal servicing area (that is approximately 30 mile radius from our Aldington showroom), then we will come to you for servicing.

If you move outside of our area, then we will endeavour to find a reputable dealer in that area for you.

Do you buy second hand equipment?

Broadly speaking, you will always get more for a piece of equipment by selling it privately than you will get from a dealer, as any reputable dealer will recondition and sell the equipment on with a warranty.

We will normally only take used equipment in part exchange for a new piece of equipment

Some items of equipment may not have a source of spare parts readily available for them, if we cannot service an item, then we are not prepared to sell it and consequently not prepared to part exchange it.

If we are not in a position to part exchange any equipment, then we will suggest alternative ways to sell the equipment.

Do you supply stairlifts?

We use a reputable stairlift supplier to survey and fit stairlifts.
For further details please call.

Do you sell second-hand equipment?

We keep a selection of second-hand equipment mobility scooters and sometimes have reconditioned powerchairs available. 

The selection will vary from week to week. 

After an assessment of your needs, if we do not have a second-hand vehicle that is suitable, we can search for one to suit you and your budget. 

All of our second-hand vehicles are reconditioned and come with new  or good tested batteries.

Do you do credit/easy payment terms?

We are currently unable to offer easy terms payment.

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