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Can I take a scooter or powerchair on an aircraft?

This will depend on the airline. Contact them before booking.

The airline may impose an excess charge for carrying a vehicle, due to the extra weight.

One question that is always asked by airlines is "what kind of batteries does the vehicle use?"

Most if not all modern vehicles use either a gel or sealed lead acid batteries.

It is worth having this information available before contacting the airline:

• Manufacturer's name
• Model name or number of the battery
• Size and weight of the batteries
• Size and weight of the vehicle to be transported

If in doubt contact the manufacturer or supplier of the vehicle.

I need to get into/out of my house. How can I get over the steps?

If you are local to us we are happy to advise on the access into property, and will often be able to find a solution to the problem.

We keep a limited stock of ramps in our showroom, but can can build a modular ramp system to suit most requirements.

Note: There are a few properties that are not accessible to mobility vehicles without major modification to the structure of the property.

How safe is a rise / recliner chair with children or pets around?

As with all machinery a certain amount of care and common sense is required to operate a rise/recliner chair without causing injury to oneself or others.

Most modern rise/recliner chairs can be fitted with a lockable handset to prevent inadvertent operation, or with obstruction sensors that help to prevent the chair from being lowered onto a small child or animal.

What is the best bath lift?

As with most equipment there are pros and cons with all bath lifts.

The factors that should be taken into consideration are:

• How high is the side of the bath?
• How easily can you lift your legs over the side of the bath?
• How low into the bath do you wish to go?
• How good is your stability when seated?
• Does anybody else need to use the bath?
• Do you need to lie back in the bath?

Generally: Bath lifts that are like a powered seat will take you down to around 2" - 3" from the bottom of the bath. Some of these may have a reclining backrest.

Bath lifts that are inflated or deflated to raise/lower will take you lower in the bath but are not as stable as a fixed seat.

Bath lifts that use a belt to lower and raise will take you to the bottom of the bath but are not as stable as a fixed seat, and need to be cleaned more carefully to prevent smells.

What is the difference between single and dual motor rise / recliner chairs?

The main difference between the two is that with a dual motor chair the backrest and footrest can be altered independently of each other.

Both of these chairs have advantages and disadvantages.

With single motor chairs it is easier to maintain a comfortable sitting position. The angle between the backrest and the seat remains the same as the chair is reclined. Once seated comfortably, reclining the chair will change the weight distribution, but the sitting position will remain the same apart from the legs rising with the footrest. These chairs are particularly good if the user is unable to move their position when seated.

Dual motor chairs allow the user to move the footrest and backrest independently, thus allowing an upright seated position with the legs raised.

An important factor to consider is that with most of these chairs, as the backrest is reclined, the support for the lower back will change, so to remain comfortable it is important that the user can alter their sitting position, usually by shifting back into the chair.

Is there an age limit for scooters/powerchairs?

The age limits for scooters and powerchairs are as follows.

Class 2 scooters and powerchairs (up to 4 mph) can be used by anybody of any age. The only condition that we believe should apply is that they must be safe, both for themselves and for others. If we consider a potential user is not safe, and could not be trained to be so, then we would not be prepared to provide them with a vehicle.

For Class 3 scooters and powerchairs (those capable of speeds up to 8 mph and of road use), the minimum age limit is 14 years. The same criteria for safety should apply as for class 2 vehicles.

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