Museum of Mobility History

Museum of mobility history

Over 100 years of mobility aid evolution

Restored mobility equipment

Add something extra to your visit to our showroom – take a look at our modest collection of mobility aids from years gone by. Lovingly and expertly restored, each piece has a short information sheet if you’re interested in learning more.

Always interested in expanding

The museum at Forr Mobility started with just one piece – the 1880 Leveson & Sons bath chair. We’re keen to keep adding to this collection, so if you have an old wheelchair, living aid or similar, please get in touch with us. No matter what condition it’s in, we’d be interested in taking a look, as we can restore almost anything to be displayed in our humble little museum of mobility history in Ashford.

See how far we’ve come!

Luckily mobility assistance is much better these days! Start your transformation today with a free mobility assessment.

Visit our showroom at Frithfield Farm

Forr Mobility,
Coopers Lane,
Aldington Frith,
TN25 7HH
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