Riser / Recliner Chairs

Riser / recliner chairs - helping you get up on your feet

Put your feet up and get comfortable with smooth-action motored riser / recliner chairs.

Maintain your independence 

Riser / recliner chairs are a great benefit if you need help rising from a chair. We’ve got some great riser / recliner chairs, available in a range of styles. From the simple and efficient single motor chair to the independent leg rests and backrests of dual motor chairs, you’ll find the riser / recliner for you.
With plenty of options and accessories on offer, you’ll get the perfect set up too.
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Space saving chairs

Not sure you have the space for a recliner chair? Don’t worry! We supply wall hugger chairs, which slide forward as the back tilts down. This means that the chair can stand very close to the wall, giving you more room to move around your home whilst on your feet. Plenty of room for wheelchairs, walking frames and more.

Upright high back chairs

Just looking for a good tall chair with strong support? We provide a range of fireside, upright or high back chairs in a variety of furnishings and styles. These chairs can be adjusted to be the right height and frame for you.

• A J Way Chairs
• Primacare Chairs
• Restwell Chairs

Different types of motor chairs available: 

  • Single motor chairs
  • Dual motor chairs 
  • Wall hugger chairs
  • 3 way single motor chairs
  • Dual motor tilt in space chairs
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Give yourself a rest with a powered riser/recliner chair

You’ll feel right at home with a suitable recliner chair. Make a change today and get in touch with Forr Mobility.

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